Last updated: 2018-04-09

Hello, this is me

I'm going to try to make an exhaustive list of websites I've created or exist. They are, of course, in no particular order.

I had heard of Twine a long time ago, but I never got particularly interested in using it, probably because the editing interface is so complex. But yesterday I learned about Fractive.

It seems like a much more intuitive way of creating interactive fiction type stories.

Of course, there's always my attempt at doing one of these from scratch, which lives at (unfinished).

Although it is already pretty passé, I have to say that I am interested in crypto and blockchain. I see blockchain as TCP/IP and Bitcoin as more of Gopher, to use an internet analogy.

Speaking of internet technologies, what about ipfs huh? Another thing I'm vastly interested in learning more about. It seems like the problem is discovery though. Also the problem is, who wants to host other people's content right?

And of course, both of these come together in something I learned about today: CryptoArt. Who knew that was a thing? It sounds kind of dodgy, but somewhat exciting. I read this article from Jonathan Mann, the song-a-day guy himself.